Friday, July 1, 2011

Red, white and Pink?

It's the fourth of July weekend and I'm working with pink.  Couldn't help myself, this week's  Summer of Color challenge is pink.  I am so in love with these cards....tell me what you think:

 I bought a set of blank cards with scalloped edges from Michael's.  From there I stamped my favorite chandeliers with some distress ink around the edges.

It's a little hard to see from this angle, but each card has some Martha Stewart Microbeads as accents.  I just love the microbeads and my local Michael's is clearancing them, so they are cheaper than normal.  I keep going back for more!!  I feel like a crack I was hoping not to see the same cashier I've seen everyday for the last 2 weeks.   "uh, no honey, that's not a Michael's bag in my hand...."

Some people think I don't have any patience(ahem, Mr. Horn, I'm only picking on him because I know he's reading this blog!!), but check out this card.  It took every bit of concentration and patience to glue and apply the beads to this chandelier.

 I think these are my favorites because I just put a little dab of glue on these
 My "dream," "hope," and "believe" stamps get a lot of use.  I love a bargain and those puppies were only $1 a piece.  Yay me!

I just love this looks so beautiful with this image.

Double sided sticky tape is fan-freakin'-tastic!!

 I added a stamp to the outside of the envelopes too.
Lovely, aren't they!?  

The new baby in the house is Sookie Horn, she rules with an iron paw and we love every minute of it!!   Here she is all curled up next to me while I write this post.  She has about a 6" x 6" space here and she makes use of every inch.  Her big fluffy tail covers the key board sometimes and I have to brush it out of the way.  She just twitches it and puts it back on the keyboard.  Darn kitten!  

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