Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer of Color....BROWN

Hello All,
Kristin at twinkle twinkle like a star blog is hosting the SUMMER of COLOR challenge, this week we are creating with brown as the color.  Humm....
I've been feeling rather nostalgic lately.
My parents are getting older,
I'M getting older, 
my little BROWN eyed girl is getting older..she turns 25 in a few weeks.

I ran across this picture of my little BROWN eyed girl and had to post it.  Good thing she doesn't follow this blog...it will ruin her street cred.... Heeeeyyyy, maybe I'll make my entire BROWN entry about my little BROWN  eyed girl....
Once upon a time a beautiful queen(me) had a beautiful little princess(little brown eyed girl). 

queen, ex-king, and princess 1987

The princess had her loyal subjects,

Cousin is actually Aaron.

Towers to climb:

The queen mother and king father were always there to support her and show her the royal ways:

the little brown eyed princess with her crown

The little brown eyed princess grew and grew and it seemed like over night she was a young woman....

Here she is with the queen mother
 Even though the queen wanted her little BROWN eyed princess to stay young, alas...she did grow....

Sometimes the paparizzi caught her in compromising positions.....

Cut her hair to raise funds for cancer research, what a good princess!

if the picture is on facebook, then it's fair game here.  Maybe this will teach her not to put this on FB?
Butt, (aahahahaa, pun is intended here..) after awhile she calmed down a bit and became a more retrospective young princess...

The queen gave her some great advice along the way

And taught her how to allude the press.

And, now she lives happily ever after....

Oh, my brown work for the challenge...silly me.  Like I started to say before I got side tracked....I was feeling a little nostalgic lately and decided to make a little mini album.  Here's the first page in it.
This is a picture of the house I grew up in.  My parents still live here and there are MANY memories surrounding this home. 

I decided to put a nest in the middle because that's what your home feels like, doesn't it?  My mother always says she likes to have all her "chicks" around her. 

I found these magnet while thrifting and I had to pay the whole 50 cents for them.  (by the way I hit the mother load on vintage magnets that day)  My mother had a set of these magnets on her fridge while we were growing up.  It's seems so appropriate to put it here.  I did a little journaling around the edges. 
6 girls + mom + dad = HOME!!
 Added a little sparkle and distress ink.  I had a lot of fun making this layout.  What do you think?

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