Sunday, February 26, 2012

Breaking and entering at the cookie office.

Hello Dear Followers,
This girl has had a long week in my work life..
Many of you know that I work for Girl Scouts (of Middle TN)

And, although I'm not selling the cookies, I'm managing a whole bunch of little brownies selling!  There are truck loads and truck loads of cookies in Middle TN right now.  If your area isn't selling cookies yet...then drive on over to Middle TN.  Come get you some!

But, besides all the cookie drama...there was a break in at the Girl Scout office this week.





Thursday night some thug broke into my office building and not only thrashed my office, but several other offices. 
What the hell did he think he was going to find in the Girl Scout office?
And, oh, by the way....the burglar left my 7 year old laptop that was sitting there so nicely--just waiting for a new home. 
He can grab a jar of change worth about $20

That I need replaced anyway!?  Couldn't he have at least vandalized it, show some mercy!  Then I could've claimed it on the insurance and got a new one. 
the guy goes for the shiny quarters.
All I gotta say is....come back you darn thug...come get this great, wonderful, perfect shape(actually missing several keys on the keys board and the touch pad doesn't work anymore.)
**raising fist in the air**

By the way, no cookies were harmed or stolen in the incident.
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