Friday, February 10, 2012

Love your sister day.

I'm entering this card into the Card Patterns Challenge Sketch #151 It's my first card to enter into this blog challenge. 

I need to invest in a better camera. 

Love My Sis

Each year I send my sisters a little prezzy to tell 'em how much I love them.  It's started several years ago when I was whining to myself about being single on Valentines Day...I was single for 11 years--loooonnnnggg time.  So, I decided, "I'm not whining anymore!"  And decided to share my love with my sisters on the 13th.  I would like to declare it a National Holiday and get the credit for creating the holiday.  (I'm not humble am I).
So, Women of Blog Land...go celebrate your sisters on February 13th.  Show them how much you love them! 

This is  a very busy weekend for me!  This is why!

I have three deliveries this gym for me!
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