Friday, February 17, 2012

Card pattern 152

Hello All,
It's been a crazy busy world in the Girl Scout cookie business this week.  Cookies were delivered last week....I should post some of those pictures.  Watch for a posting this week.  Additionally, I've had a whole bunch of other things going on and I have so missed visiting the blog world.

Here's my entry into the Card Pattern weekly challenge.

I challenged myself to be more creative this enjoy playing with my new cricut machine and to participate in more challenges.'s my entry:

Simple, yet elegant. One of my favorite laces on the planet. Should have taken a close up of it.

Every year for several now, I have celebrated  "Love your sister" day  I am pushing for it to become a National Holiday.  One day!  They have fathers day, mothers day, grandparents, bosses day, secretaries day, ground hog day, why not Sister Day!  

remember, I'm the cute on in the front.....

Here are my other 4 sister's cards.

A little over the top with embellishes, but hey, why not!

for the crossword puzzle lover.

I love the banner, the brown and blue and the little bird perched on the heart.

simple and a little quirky.  Was trying a little something different.
See you tomorrow!  (it's Saturday!)
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