Tuesday, February 7, 2012

News Day Tuesday

Something new for the puddin n pie blog!  I wanted to do something different, something interesting, something noteworthy.  I've decided to feature what's trending in the world of news today...
small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.
If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.

As a long time fan of Steven Tyler, why not start out our News day Tuesday with a story about him.

Steven Tyler botches the Star Spangled Banner? Huh, what you talkin' about. To me, it sounded like Steven Tyler singing the Star Spangled Banner. He opens that mouth up and screams...that's his thing...that's his MO.  His style is hot, charismatic and steamy (in my opinion). My only wish was  that the video would actually show more of him and not the stupid football players. Who cares about football?

I'm participating in the Creations by Tee Monthly Tag swap....Here's my entries,

Flip side!

I'm  also linking this to Pink Saturday
If you stop by Pink Saturday, look for the link to  Counting my Blessings and visit her adorable vintage Valentines card. lovely!

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