Friday, October 7, 2011

Size Matters

Warning, this may be one of those stories where you "had to be there" to get it.  But, we'll try it anyways.
The next picture is really unrelated to the story, but because the pics show up in your Google reader, I want to make sure you have a cute one to start with!  See, size does matter with Santa Lilly.

twinny's santa bassett
 Back to the story. 

I have a dear friend, Nancy, who is a wonderful inspiration.  Last time I went on vacation I brought her a little present.  It was such a thoughtful gift--I know--I shouldn't talk so highly of myselfBut, it really was a thoughtful gift.  It was a paperweight for her desk that said....

Be Calm. Be Strong..Be Grateful

Isn't that nice!  I'm such a good friend.  Nancy was so excited to receive this gift, see her expression below:

But, someone played a prank on an unsuspecting customer and instead of the inspirational saying, the paperweight said:

Size Matters

Oh geez, really.  My wonderfully  inspiring, greatly religious and conservative woman friend gets an adult humor gift from me.  Oh boy.  Ever had one of those moments?

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Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie
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