Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hold up Sunday, I ain't ready to go back to work!

I love a lazy Sunday, no work to mess with, just chilling with my Mr and the kitten.  Today is a lovely day in Nashville TN.  The weather promises to be bright and sunshiny and just freaking lovely! 

Yesterday I worked on these cards.  At first these were going to be Marie Antionette xmas cards.  But, I just couldn't get motivated to make them xmas cards.  Instead I just let the ladies dance across the cards.  I am getting smarter on mass producing cards: making several of the same at one time. 

Doesn't this Marie look nice.  I was a bit worried about the simplicity, but just couldn't bring myself to add more to the cards.

 The Mr felt like this Marie's hair was weird, but what would I do with it?  What would you do with her head?  I'm up for solutions.  Otherwise...I'm leaving it.

 Sookie said, "No more work!!" And starting lying right in the middle of everything!

This canvas will eventually turn out as a collaged piece.  But, I have been stuck--
Until...I ran across this blog yesterday  paperlicious delicious. Lesley has inspired me to work on this a bit more! Thanks Lesley!
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