Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wacky Doodle Wednesday! (and a Giveaway)

Hello Everyone! 
Thanks for joining me on the Wacky Doodle Wednesday posting....everyone loves a good dog picture, right?

It's a reindeer, no it's a pug.  No, a reindeer, no a pug...hummmmmm
This is Cornbread the Pug, my parent's dog.  They collect pugs like salt and pepper shakers.

Here's my dad with Cornbread and Daisy.  Cornbread, named after my father's favorite food, was given to my dad at his work. When Cornbread came to my parents home she didn't know how to eat out of a dog food bowl.  Seems like she was only ever given food from her owner's hands.  She's the best dog on the planet now...and eats just fine now.

Daisy came to my parents last Halloween.  Mom tells the story that these children came trick or treating and noticed Cornbread.  They left with their goodies and within a few minutes were knocking on the door again. This time it was a treat for my mom. ...The kids said, "You want another dog like yours?" And in their arms was Daisy. Daisy was found running through the kids neighborhood and they tried to find her owner, but weren't able too.  

We think Daisy was a puppy mill breeder.  She looked like she just had pups, was scared of people and has other mannerisms  a dog that stayed in a kennel all the time.  Today, these two pugs are like salt and pepper.  Look at this absolutely cute shot!

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